Tinos is Aegean’s hidden treasure, combining its small and convenient size with the charm of its rich tradition and natural beauty. With its unique villages, picturesque churches and chapels, and beaches that beg to be discovered, Tinos offers a trip into the elegance of simplicity and the harmony of life. It is a destination that allows visitors to disengage from day-to-day stress and be immersed in an experience of culture and effortless beauty.

Rockclimbing in Tinos

Rockclimbing in Tinos

Tinos is known worldwide for its beauty and rich tradition, but it is also a top destination for rock climbers. The rocks of Xombourgos and Volax offer a unique experience to daredevils and even casual fans, as they are optimal for climbers of all levels. Novice routes are ideal for those new to the hobby, while the most advanced ones are challenging for those who love this style of living. All-in-all, Tinos is one of the best destinations for rock-climbing and bouldering enthusiasts.

Hiking the island’s iconic trails

Hiking in Tinos

Tinos is known as the Muse of the Aegean and the Handmade Island, as it offers an extensive network of hiking trails, dating back to ancient Greek times. These rural paths, all handmade using horses, donkeys, and mules, used to connect central cities (ἄστυ in ancient Greek) to harbors, pastoral areas, villages, windmills, and religious centers. Nowadays, they are converted into accessible hiking trails.

Tinos’ hiking network, more than 150 kilometers long, offers you the chance to discover an authentic and criminally unexplored Cycladic island, giving prominence to those routes’ cultural and aesthetic value.

Tinos features 12 trails, categorized according to their difficulty and distinct characteristics. You can find novice and easy routes, those that are children-friendly, smaller and bigger ones, seaside trails, those that have swimming checkpoints, and the obligatory circular routes.

Each path offers unique and unforgettable experiences. Nature in Antithesis, The Road of the Water and the Castle, and The Road of the Marble are some of the most iconic. Choose the one that fits your physical and artistic preferences and enjoy your walk. Steni, the village where the White Tinos apartments and suites that offer unique accommodations in Tinos are located, is an ideal starting point for your hike.

All hikers should be properly equipped with hiking boots, a hat, sunscreen, long trousers, and trekking canes. It is also essential that no one should trek alone, regardless of experience, and everyone should have at hand a first aid set, a flashlight, and a fully charged phone.

Trekking maps are available throughout Tinos, facilitating the browse of this hospitable island, all year long.

Yoga in Tinos

Yoga in Tinos

Yoga is an ideal opportunity for you to combine physical and mental exercise with the peacefulness and natural beauty of the island. With an energy-filled environment, with a view of the Aegean Sea and the traditional Cycladic settlements, yoga sessions are elevated to a deep revitalising experience.

By choosing our luxury suites in Tinos, you can enjoy high-level comfort and hospitality and arrange your personalized yoga session. Tinos is known as the most spiritual island in the Mediterranean. It can be the ideal scene to find your inner peace and balance while exploring Tinos’ cultural and natural heritage.

Ask the front office for information about yoga lessons and sessions.

Watersports in Tinos

Watersports in Tinos

Kolympithra, one of Tinos’ most picturesque beaches, features one of the first surfing schools in Greece. This beach offers ideal surfing conditions, with waves that satisfy even the most demanding surfers. On top of that, the school stands out for its personalized teaching approach and its high-quality lessons.

All courses are tailor-made, depending on the experience level and needs of each individual athlete. It is worth a try!

Daily trips to Mykonos and Delos

Daily trips to Mykonos and Delos

There is no experience like the Cycladic island hopping. There is no better way to discover Greek islands, than by combining the beauty of different landscapes with the islands’ rich cultural heritage. Each island has its distinguishable character, from the scenic villages and blue seas to the historical sights.

A daily trip to Mykonos offers the chance to explore a cosmopolitan island, known for its picturesque alleys, stunning beaches, and lively nightlife. Enjoy the unmatched Cycladic architecture and hospitality that have made Mykonos one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations.

And then there is Delos. An evening walk on ancient Greece’s holy island, one of the most important archaeological sites in the land, will connect you with the energy of this magical place, the homeland of the gods Apollo and Artemis.

See the dovecotes of Tinos

dovecotes of Tinos

Our island features more than 600 dovecotes (possibly more than double). Those cotes were first introduced during Venetian times, and the first written documents mentioning them go back to the 1700s.

Doves were the main export goods of Tinos and its people. They are made of slate and their decorated sides remind us of stone needlework, and this is something that enhances their unique character.

Dovecotes were a symbol of nobility and wealth. The ideal spot to build a cote is windproof, to be protected from natural elements, but open, to help doves navigate easily, and close to a freshwater source.

The experience of gazing at a dovecote can get you in a peaceful and natural state of mind. Watching the birds flying free in the air can lead you to experience a simple and beautiful way of connecting with the environment.Η εμπειρία του να χαζεύεις περιστεριώνες μπορεί να σου προσφέρει μια αίσθηση γαλήνης και σύνδεσης με τη φύση. Με το να παρατηρείς τα πουλιά καθώς πετούν ελεύθερα στον ουρανό, μπορείς να βιώσεις έναν από τους πιο απλούς και όμορφους τρόπους να συνδεθείς με το περιβάλλον σου.

Visit a spa for a refreshing massage

massage in Tinos

Wellness is one of the pillars of a healthy mind and body. While at Tinos, you can take care of yourself by enjoying a specialised and holistic massage (cellulitis, relacing, reiki, chocotherapy), at spas throughout the island. Massage is a therapeutic practice that utilises the application of pressure to muscles and connective tissues in the body. It aims to increase blood flow, reduce stress and tension, and relieve pain.

There are multiple massaging techniques, like Swedish, deep-tissue, and aromatherapy, each of which offers different benefits and experiences.

Wine tasting at Tinos’ wineries

Wine tasting at Tinos

You should not miss the chance to visit a family-run vineyard in our village of Steni. Let the winemaker share their passion for the island and his craft, while you are guided through the vines and the cellar. Enjoy our six local varieties, which will satisfy your senses.

The winemaker will welcome you to the Steni winery. Listen as he narrates the history of Tinos’ terroirs and shares his need to give prominence to Greek vineyards, some of the most popular in the worldwide wine ecosystem.

Walk through the green vineyards, where grapes ripe ideally under the Greek sun. Continue at the cellar, where wine is distilled and aged. Learn about the traditional and modern machines and tools used in the process, the different local varieties, and the history of Greek winemaking.

Then, you will be guided to the terrace, featuring a panoramic view of the countryside and the sea. Enjoy various wines, paired with local cheese and cold cuts. The sommelier will explain each wine’s characteristics and help you pick your new favourite.

Gastronomy and Tasting

Gastronomy in Tinos

The island of Our Lady of Tinos is not only one of the most famous pilgrims in Europe. It is a destination for foodies, as most of its residents are employed in the agricultural, stock-breeding, and fishing industries. They play a big part in gastronomy in Tinos by providing the island with high-quality and fresh raw materials.

Housewives were traditionally creating recipes using those materials. Fresh fruit and vegetables are sold at the Pallada flea market, located between the old and the new port.

Our island is rich in culinary secrets, like its tiny and lean artichoke, the heart of our famous artichoke pie, and so many more recipes. Other worldwide-known products include the sun-dried tomato, and the capers, while some of our signature dishes are the artichoke omelette and the marathotiganita (a sort of fennel crumpet, that you shouldn’t miss).

But wait, there’s more. Try the sun-dried tomato in batter, the omelette with sausage or siglino (local dried meat), or the stuffed calamari.

Our local production features capers, mushrooms, dittany, thyme, wild artichokes, oregano, Indian figs, sage, and chamomile.

Our stock breeding included cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, and chickens, while doves flying around showcase our famous dove breeding. Stock-farmers provide us with high-quality meat, sausages, garlic-dried meat, milk, and a variety of cheeses.

Then there are beekeeping farms, that produce authentic thyme honey, the source of our sweetes, like the pasteli, the xerotigano and the sweet cheese pie.

Shopping on the old street

Shopping on the old street in Tinos

The old street from the port to the church of Our Lady of Tinos is full of little shops. Here you will find a plethora of souvenirs, handmade jewellery, stationary, artwork, or you can buy some local products in gift packages. Prices are fair and the shop owners are friendly and helpful.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a beer, or a snack at a local cafe or tavern.

Sightseeing in Tinos

Sightseeing in Tinos

Tinos is known for its cultural heritage and marvellous sights. Among the most fabled attractions in Tinos are Our Lady of Tinos, one of the most important churches in Europe, the Archaeological Museum and the Dionysia archaeological sight, with the ruins of ancient temples and theatres.

And them, there are the island’s beautiful beaches. Visit Agios Sostis or Kolimpithres for a peaceful and relaxing experience, while gazing or dipping in the Aegean’s crystal clear waters.

Activities for Families

In Tinos, families have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities for all ages. There are safe and well-equipped playgrounds as well as organized parks where children can play and socialize. Additionally, the family-friendly beaches of Tinos, such as Agios Fokas and Kionia, offer shallow and calm waters, ideal for children. These beaches are also equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds, and seaside taverns, making them perfect for a day of relaxation and sand play. Exploring the island’s picturesque villages and visiting local museums and churches provide additional opportunities for family entertainment and education.