Here is a list of the best beaches of Tinos Island

Discover pristine beaches and coastal serenity in Tinos. Explore our guide to Tinos Island’s best beaches, from secluded coves to sun-kissed shores.

Pahia Ammos

An isolated, crystal-clear beach that’s just 15 minutes away from Chora with blue-green water and golden sand that fully justifies its name that translates to “thick sand” in English. You won’t find lounge chairs and umbrellas, but there’s a café restaurant beside the parking area. A trademark sign of the beach is a huge sand dune that invites youngsters to… slide down.

St. John Porto

The bay of St. John Porto – 6km east of the city – is one of the most popular and visited beaches of the island. It is a large golden-sand beach with crystalline water, organized with umbrellas. A number of cafes and restaurants are within easy access.


This pebbled beach with natural shade from pine trees is one of the better known and popular beaches of the island. At Kionia, you can swim under the watchful gaze of the god Poseidon as his temple dominates the region. After a dip, you’ll be spoiled for food choices as there are many picturesque taverns in the area.

St. Fokas

The largest beach of the island is a breath away from Chora. A beach for all tastes with sanded areas, pebbled sections or places with both, whereas pines generously offer shade. It is organized with umbrellas and sun lounges whereas you can find cafes, restaurants, beach bars and retail stores around the area.

Saint Margaret

A sandy beach with emerald-green water, it is ideal for those who want to be far from the madding crowd and who are seeking tranquility. Make sure you are prepared with food and water before you get there as you won’t find any nearby.

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