Easter in Tinos is definitely a unique experience. Tinos is more than just an island. It is a state of mind, a sensation of its own. It has a unique energy, a light that fills your soul. The island of artists, idyllic churches, and the wild beauty of its sea and beaches. An endless kind of blue…On the island, you can enjoy your holidays and take advantage of offers for luxurious accommodation in Tinos.

Easter traditions in Tinos

Easter in Tinos is a magical experience you have never seen before. It overflows with traditions, customs, and religious rituals. All communities unite to create the “Communal Table of Love”, hosted in various chapels all over the island, offering flavours and moments of friendship. Both Orthodox and Catholic Churches ooze spring colours and scents, while the local festivals and fairs are there to offer tasty food and a unique cultural experience.

Palm Sunday in Tinos

On Palm Sunday, a week before Easter, children create wreaths of daisies and roam the streets and alleys, yanking wooden ratchets to create noise and scare evil spirits away. Over at the sea, the wreaths are thrown into the water, singing traditional Palm Sunday songs. During the service at the church, blossoms hang from the oil lamps and the chandeliers.

Maundy Thursday in Tinos and colouring of the eggs

One of the most important Easter traditions in Greece is the colouring of the eggs every Maundy Thursday. The tradition is equally as important in Tinos. There are many theories about the meaning of the tradition. People argue the red paint on the eggs might symbolise Jesus Christ’s blood, or the Virgin Mary’s bloody tears, while the egg itself is seen as a parallel to symbolise life, creation, and new hope.

Procession of the Epitaph in Tinos

On Good Friday, each parish carries the traditional Procession of the Epitaph. Homeowners across the path hold candles and throw flowers. In Chora, the principal town of the island, the Epitaphs gather around the marble podium to sing the Hymns of Praise. After, that, the Saint Nicholas epitaph heads towards Kalamia Beach, where the priest prays for all sailors and holds a memorial service for those who were lost at sea. The priest, chanters and the epitaph enter the sea, as the hymns climax.

The Procession of the Epitaph is also impressive at Steni and Pyrgos villages, where women perfume the epitaph, throwing myrrh, cologne and holy oil from their windows. This custom is unique to Tinos and can be observed in various villages.

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Resurrection evening in Tinos

On the Holy Saturday’s morning, the First Resurrection Service takes place, as the priests in every parish throw lemon tree leaves. According to tradition, if someone manages to catch a leaf before it touches the ground, they must put it in their wallet. This is supposed to be good luck, for the wallet to always be full of cash. If it is an unmarried woman who catches the leaf, it is believed that she will soon be wedded. Housewives conclude preparations for the Easter dinner, by cooking the Magiritsa, the traditional lamb offal soup. Late in the evening, the Resurrection Service is carried all over the island, in every church and chapel.

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Easter Sunday in Tinos and the festivals

According to folklorist Alekos Florakis, on Easter afternoon the Love Vespers is carried. During this, the resurrection icon is walked through the streets on a pole, decorated with flowers, while neighbouring villages compete with each other to see which will be the loudest by firing homemade crackers.

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“Agape” on Easter Monday

Every Easter Monday an ancient tradition relives at Ktikados village. The Agape custom (literally meaning “love”) comes from ancient times but is connected to the Christian faith, and its intention is none other than bringing the faithful together while offering the opportunity to remember and honour those who are no longer among us. After the holy service, the resurrection icon is marched through the village, and later in the afternoon, the church hosts the “Communal Table”, where the women of the village offer traditional dishes to locals and visitors alike, upholding old customs and traditions.

Second Sunday of Easter in Tinos – Rodaria Tradition

The Rodaria Tradition is the main event every Second Sunday of Easter. At the Isternia village, the festival of the Virgin Mary is held. After the holy service, the worshippers sit around the communal table to eat and exchange “Rodaria”, small flower bouquets with attached wishes.

This tradition has its roots to the ancient feast of the “Anthesteria”, which has led to this colourful tradition.

What should you not miss

Worshipping Our Lady of Tinos: The most famous church in Greece, the major Marian shrine in Greece, is located on the top of Chora. It is arguably the most impressive and the most important pilgrimage in the land. It is worth a visit to admire the architecture and take part in the festivities.

A walk through Pyrgos village: Pyrgos is one of the most famous villages in Tinos and the hometown of a plethora of artists, like sculptor Giannoulis Halepas. A walk through the village is a must when visiting Tinos, as it is nothing less than an open folk art museum, built in a traditional Cycladic architectural style.

Discover the moon-like landscape of Volax: At Volax village, you will encounter a unique natural landscape that looks like it belongs to an alien panel. Granite rocks, known as volakes, are scattered around the area, creating the illusion of having travelled to the moon.

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Enjoy Chora: Every Cycladic island has its Chora, its main town. Tinos’ Chora might seem touristy in the beginning, but roaming around the small alleys will unveil its true beauty. You will see beautiful mansions, churches and fountains, all selfie-worthy.

Wine tasting at Vaptistis Winery: Visit Steni village and don’t forget to book your wine tasting at Giannis Moraitis’ Vaptistis Winery, the famed vineyard that produces Assyrtiko and Mavrotragano types of wine, two rare and exquisite varieties.

What else can I do in Tinos

● Have a taste journey through Tinos’ cuisine: The traditional cuisine of Tinos combines Cycladic culinary tradition with sea delicacies. Try artichokes, capers, louza (the traditional local cured meat), local cheese, amygdalota and pastelia, Tinos’ own sweets, made with Greek thyme honey.

A walk at Chora and the villages: Stores aren’t everything on an island. Chora and the villages are chock-full of hidden alleys, all ideal for a walk, during and after the sunset. And suddenly, a gem appears: a bench with the best view on the island. In the town and in the upper parts, you’ll find the ideal accommodation in Tinos.

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Hike the paths: Explore the trails of Tinos and discover the incredible natural beauty of the island. Let the island introduce herself and show you her unbelievable beauty. Trust Markos Palamaris, the best local guide around, and his “Soul of Tinos” show you the way.

Rock climbing at Exomvourgo: If you are an extreme sports lover, Tinos won’t disappoint you. We certainly recommend climbing the impressive Exomvorgos Rock, and if after this adventure you are looking for suites in Tinos to relax, you will find our suites less than 1.5 km away.

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Count the dovecotes at Kampos: Kampos is home to both Orthodox and Catholic families. But there is more than that. The Honey Fest is a big deal every year, plus the number of dovecotes is north of 200.

Have fresh fish at Panormos: Close to Pyrgos, you will find the small seaside village Panormos, a small community that is 100% fishing-based. In the past, Panormos was a major port and a vibrant fish market, with countless boats and merchants. Still, the seafood tavernas are worth a visit.

Where to eat in Tinos during Easter

From traditional tastes to modern suggestions, a visit to Tinos is a culinary experience. Check some of the best places to enjoy your meal or dinner.

Ntinos: Ntinos combines a magnificent venue with helpful staff and tastes that exceed expectations. Don’t forget to make a reservation, as the place is very popular. And prepare to be impressed by the Kakavia soup, offered as a starter.

San to Alati: Located at the Agios Fokas beach, visiting San to Alati is like finding a lost treasure chest. You will be offered a wide variety of local dishes in exquisite prices, making it one of the best value-for-money restaurants in Tinos.

Apodrasi: Apodrasi means escape. And the name is up-to-the-point. It is an escape from the modern way of living, as Kostas’ recipes date back to simpler times. And the most important: all materials, both vegetables and meat, come from the island itself.

Svoura: Visit Svoura to taste Vangelis Sterpas’ famous dishes, such as fried beans, fried artichoke, fresh Cyxladic salad, veal with pureed aubergine, and his famous kopanisti, a dip made with local cheese and peppers.

Marathia: A modern vibe, fresh fish and seafood, and a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea… Try the fish soup, the “Marathia” chicken, pork with dried tomato and cappers, “bourdeto” mullet, or lobster with fresh pasta.

Douar: Douar is famous for its meat dishes. An old-school meat taverna at Steni, a perfect follow-up to your swim at Livada beach. The restaurant is located in the village and if you visit it, don’t forget to try the wonderful cheese pie.

Kounaria: The restaurant invites you to a time-travelling journey via food. You will dip yourself in Cycladic tradition, always enjoying the view of the surrounding mounts.

Tarsanas: Tarsanas is the ideal choice if you are looking for fresh fish. Traditional Cycladic dishes and Mediterranean cuisine combine to create one of the top destinations for foodies who visit Tinos.

Where to have a drink in Tinos during Easter

Three Donkeys: If you are looking for all-night partying, Three Donkeys is for you. A fresh and modern place is there to welcome the wildest of visitors.

Koursaros: Every good day ends with a drink at Koursaros. It has always been like that for locals and visitors alike.

Sunset Bar: The best location. The best view. The best cocktails. And all that having an endless blue as your setting. And don’t forget to try the sushi. It is definitely worth it.

Tenok: Tenok is the Homerian name of Tinos. It is a new All Day Bar that took the island by storm. The cocktails are absolutely wonderful and the music background makes the experience even better.

Santiago: Summer days and nights are better when spent in the beautiful garden of Santiago. It is where Cycladic tradition blends with Latin American spirits to create something wonderful.

Argonaftis: Argonaftis is a must. Try a raki-based cocktail and you won’t regret it. Extra bonus: the amazing balcony and the interior design. And it is always there. Summer or winter, it is the bar to visit.